Tips for surviving the Festive Season

What do I want from Santa this year…… that weight gain takes a holiday during the festive season. But despite being a “good girl” during the year, I don’t think Santa is going to give me that. Christmas is without doubt one of my favourite times of the year: extravagant decorations, boppy Christmas tunes in […]


diet myths

Top 5 Diet Myths: have we been fooled?

1. Carbs are bad You have probably heard it until the cows come home, “carbs are bad. You need to ditch them”. However, this is not strictly true. Carbohydrates are not bad, only some of them. To simplify things, there are simple carbohydrates and complex ones. Simple carbohydrates are found in refined and processed foods […]


health snacks

Top 5 “health foods” to avoid: not so healthy “health foods”.

Are we fueling our body with the right foods? Do we think we are choosing “health foods” but unwittingly filling our engines with foods high in sugar and refined, processed carbohydrates which cause more damage to our health than good?  Let’s take a look at the most common health foods that are actually not so healthy after […]

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