Coronavirus (COVID-19) and being overweight

Obesity related conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers have been identified as risk factors likely to worsen Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. This has been reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Given the high rates of people being overweight or obese in Australia and around the globe, this means that a large percentage of the population will have unfavourable outcomes if they contract Coronavirus.

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The current pandemic might also contribute to an increase in people gaining weight, as weight loss programs which are delivered in groups, at gyms or with a personal trainer are being severely curtailed at present, and this is likely to go on for a long time. Social distancing rules in Australia where people are encouraged to “stay at home”, will have an impact on mobility and physical activity. This may cause an indirect increase in metabolic disease as even short periods of inactivity increase the rates of hypertension, diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

As well, the need for self isolation, have encouraged grocery stockpiling (against the wishes of the Prime Minister, (“ Just stop it!”)). This may result in a reliance of processed foods and canned foods with long shelf lives at the expense of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh produce is actually in abundance at the grocery stall. Unfortunately the research also indicates a higher number of people turning to food delivery services for their meals such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Menulog. This may increase weight and encourage poor nutrition if this continues for an extended period of time.

It is imperative that during this time of social distancing and self isolation, that you look after yourself. Ensure that you go for a walk by yourself everyday and focus on being mindful. It is also very important that you have a well balanced diet full of nutrient dense food. Also take the opportunity to exercise on a regular basis and set goals to improve your time or distance each time. Learn ways to exercise without a gym and fill your pantries with healthy snacks. Do not let the Cornavirus pandemic impact on improving your health. Infact, take the time (which most of us have plenty of now) to do the exercise we could never really fit in.

Much of the focus on managing the Coronavirus outbreak has been on protecting Australians. But Australians living with chronic disease may have a similar elevated risk. The statistics from China indicate that the death rates were greater than 10% with those with heart disease and greater than 7% in those with diabetes


This time we are living in, is so full of uncertainty. But focus on your health especially your diet,  exercise and looking after your mind. Then you will come out of this Coronavirus crisis, fitter, stronger and in better health then before and ready to resume your life where it was turned upside down so unexpectedly in March this year. Stay safe everyone.

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