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Adelaide boosts some of the best wineries in the country but the latest figures show that it has one of the highest proportion of overweight and obese people at 65.8%. Only Tasmania is higher. The world famous Barossa may be Australia’s wine capital but South Australia is not far off being the “biggest capital” in Australia. Losing weight and weight loss in Adelaide is certainly challenging but must be addressed.

grapes Adelaide Weight LOss

South Australia is one of “most overweight” states.

In 2014/15, the prevalence of overweight/obesity in adult Australians was lowest in New South Wales and Victoria. Prevalence of overweight/obesity was highest in Tasmania and South Australia

% Overweight/obese by state/territory

State/territory %
South Australia 65.8%
Western Australia 60.3%
Queensland 63.6%
Tasmania 67.5%
Australian Capital Territory 63.5%
Northern Territory 64.3%
New South Wales 63.2%
Victoria 63.3%


  1. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Australian Health Survey 2014/15 (4364.0)

Alcohol: Is it South Australia’s downfall?

Featuring more than 80 cellar doors, and less than an hour’s drive from Adelaide, the Mediterranean climate of the Barossa is perfectly suited for red wine production. Alcohol is very much part of the Australian diet and lifestyle. Howevere, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is “Can I still drink alcohol if I want to lose weight” and “How many carbs in alcohol?” The main issues the amount of sugar in alcohol, making weight loss hard.

Adelaide Weight Loss Wine

250 mls of a  pina colada is one of the alcoholic beverages that has the most sugar. It contains 56 grams of added sugar. 250 mls of a daiquiri has 13.4 grams of sugar. Gin, rum, whiskey and vodka do not  contain any added sugar but are loaded with carbohydrates. A 50 ml shot of creme de menthe contains a whopping 21 grams of sugar. A standard glass of red or white wine contains about 2 grams of sugar, which mainly comes from the grapes rather than from added sugar.  It does however have about 200 calories.

There is no doubt that you need to watch your alcohol consumption. Sugar, calories and carbohydrates are  in alcohol in large amounts. They can all add up. Living in the wine capital of Australia with beautiful Merlots, Shirazs and Cabernet Sauvignons makes drinking in moderation hard for South Australians and losing weight and weight loss a difficult proposition.

Healthy places to eat Adelaide

Despite the difficulty of having wonderful wines in South Australia, there are still some wonderful places in Adelaide that offer healthy food that can aid in manageing weight and weight loss. These are my picks:

1)     Nutrition Republic: Quinoa slices, seasonal salads, organic iced coffee blended with coconut milk. Lining the walls, are self packaged superfoods and tubs of protein.

Health Note: What is all the fuss about Quinoa?

Quinoa- a great wheat free alternative to starchy grains.  With twice the protein content of rice quinoa is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and manganese. It also has good amounts of dietary fibre and some useful vitamin B’s.

2)    Bliss Orange Café:

Vegan café serving local organic ingredients. Have an almond chai

Health Note: Do almonds make you gain weight?

Almost are high in fat but mainly monounsaturated fat which helps increase your good fat (HDL). They are a great source of fibre and protein and contain vitamin E, selenium, zinc, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. But only limit yourself to 10 a day as they can make you gain weight if you eat too many.

3)    Goodies & Grains Kitchen:

Perfect for pantry items such as healthy mixes including coconut oil and rice malt syrup, bliss balls. While you wai, you can try their a delicious seasonal soup or a fresh Nori roll.

Health note:  Should I switch to Coconut oil?


Coconut oil is extracted from the flesh of coconuts. It is said to control weight, improve metabolism, and reduce sugar cravings but not of these things have been proven yet. It is ok to add some into your diet, and there may be some health benefits but wait for more substantial evidence before completely switching over.

4)     Raw and Real Café Juicery:

For your fix of juices and protein shakes but don’t overlook its selection of seasonal dishes such as Apple and Fennel Porridge, chia puddings and quinoa-stuffed peppers and delicious protein balls.

Health Note: Should I add Chia seeds to my diet?

Despite being small, chia seeds should be added to your diet as they contain important nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidents, fibre and calcium. A definite good addition to your diet.

Top 3 Running Tracks in Adelaide

It may not have the beaches of Sydney, but Adelaide does have some fabulous running tracks. If you like your alcohol, make sure you add some of these runs to your exercise regime. These are my favourites.

1) Uni Loop (2.2km) – a favourite of fit groups as well as dedicated walkers, this 2.2km track is one that every Adelaidian should know and do. Starting on Mackinnon Pde and winding its way around North Adelaide, this tree-lined circuit contains distance markers every 200m to help you measure your progress. It goes past the animals of the zoo – so listen as they cheer you on.

2) The Sweat Track (1.9km) – It’s brilliant for a jog, and the circuit features a series of old-school fitness stations to ensure a full body workout. This 1.9km track is at Victoria Park, east of the city.

3) The Frypan (3.3km) which takes a path along East terrace, turns down South Terrace and hooks its way back. This 3.3 km track takes you along the beautiful roads of the South Parklands. It looks like a frypan to help you burn the miles.

Exercise time for weight loss

We do live in a time poor society. Despite previous evidence, we do not need to run or exercise for long periods of time. Short distances like 2-4 km are excellent as long as you keep the intensity medium to high. High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) is another great to keep fit, build strength and endurance in a short amount of time. The tracks above are a good example of being time efficient and still facilitate good weight loss and more importantly good health.

Adelaide Weight Loss

Fast becoming one the “biggest” and “most overweight” capital cities, Adelaide unfortunately does have the distraction of wonderful wines. However, there are some wonderful, healthy places to eat at and places to exercise that may help with staying motivated in your weight loss journey. If you do need some extra guidance and help on how to exercise and what to eat, have a look at our 6 week online Redefine Metabolic Weight loss program at Medical & Mind Weight Loss.

Written by Dr Marlene Tham, director of Medical & Mind Weight Loss