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Participants give our online CBT Program the thumbs up!

Our 10 week online Redefine Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) weight loss program has been approved by participants in a study over 26 weeks, as being acceptable, time-saving, effective and convenient. This study has been published in Australian Psychiatry, Sept 2019. You can read the full study here:  Evaluation of an online cognitive behavioural therapy weight loss programme as an adjunct to anti-obesity medications and lifestyle interventions

  • 95% of participants said it saved travel time to appointments
  • 85% said it saved them time overall
  • 81% rated the overall experience as satisfactory
  • 71% said it reduced their costs
  • 69% thought access to therapy was improved compared to face-to-face appointments

Some results of the study are highlighted in these tables:

Physical, metabolic and psychological measurements

Emotional eating


Emotional Eating QuestionnaireIf you would like to do the Redefine CBT Weight Loss program or have a look at what’s in it, click here:


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