Redefine™ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Weight Loss Program


The Redefine cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) Weight Loss Program  is an introductory program (part 1)  focusing on the psychological aspects of overeating and losing weight. 

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The Fundamentals of Weight Loss

The Redefine™ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Weight Loss Program focuses on the psychological aspects of overeating and losing weight. It addresses chaotic and emotional eating, binge-eating, self sabotage, motivational issues and barriers which may be stopping success. Using CBT, the program contains videos, case studies, quizzes and diagrams to provide solution based and practical strategies to improve both psychological and physical health. It also provides a simple guide of weight loss eating and exercise. This program is an essential for difficult weight loss and ensuring that the weight stays off.

6 month access for $99.95.


What you will learn in this program.

  • 01Aim High & Power Your Motivation.
  • 02The Building Blocks for Weight Loss Eating.
  • 03Exercise Myths & Exercising to Lose Weight.
  • 04Addressing Barriers to Lose Weight.
  • 05What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?
  • 06How to Break Habits & Dealing With Excuses.
  • 07Hormones & Weight Gain.
  • 08Overcoming Overeating & Chaotic Eating, and Eliminating Thinking Errors.
  • 09Tackling Emotional Eating, Body Image & Binge-Eating.
  • 10Ensuring success, going forward & Preventing Weight Re-Gain.


This program contains multiple video lessons from our experts.

Our Psychiatrist, Dr Terence Chong

Our Obesity Doctor, Dr Marlene Tham


Ensure you have a complete understanding of the presented Knowledge.


The Redefine program works on all modern Internet browsers –
desktop & mobile.


Access the program anytime and work through it when it best suits you.

Success Stories

  • Despite working as a dietitian who is well educated in knowledge in diet and exercise, my weight has just kept increasing year after year with only minimal and temporary reductions in weight which regained over time. Finally, after commencing the Redefine™ Weight Loss Program I was finally able to reverse this upward trend in my weight and successfully keep the weight off. What separates this weight loss program from the others, is that it is written by a doctor who understands the science behind being overweight. Dr Tham’s extensive knowledge, training and experience shines through in the program.

    – RK
    Male Dietitian, 42
  • After years of being on multiple diets and exercise regimes, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Although I have not been perfect this, the Redefine program and Dr Tham has finally addressed what people who struggle with weight need. She gets us. With her program I don’t feel like throwing in the towel which I would have done months ago. I feel great.

    – BP
    Male Retired Law Partner, 64
  • For the first time in my life, I have exercised to release some stress. If my friends hear me saying that, that will not believe it. Previously food would be my stress reliever and my best friend but now I have conquered my emotional eating. My actual energy levels are amazing and I no longer wish to punish my body with “bad” foods. Thank you Dr Tham for giving me a new lease of life. I am certainly redefining my mind, body and health!

    – CM
    Female Office Manager, 34

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