There is no such thing as “Healthy Obesity”.

One of the most frustrating misconceptions I address on a weekly basis is notion of “healthy obesity”. I often have patients who come in to see me who say, “ I’m 25 kg overweight but I’m healthy.” Usually they have been sent in by their wives, boyfriends or best friends and they are in denial […]



Diabetes: “I’ve just got a touch of the sugar, doc.” – the epidemic sweeping the nation.

Within 2 years, the number of people in Australia with type 2 diabetes is expected to reach more than 2.5 million. This will be close to 10% of the population. It is a concern that underdiagnosed or poorly managed type 2 diabetes can result in coronary artery disease, stroke, kidney failure, limb amputation and blindness. […]



Diabetes Educators: a sweet spot in diabetes management

I had the privilege of presenting to 150 diabetes educator at the Novo Nordisk Victorian Diabetes Educators Symposium in February this year. Not only was I in the company of some of the best brains and clinicians in diabetes, which included Professor Duncan Topliss, Professor Peter Coleman and Dr Sharon Marks, but had the pleasure to  meet […]

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