Lesson 9.2: Fuel Your Success With Redefining Goals

Non-weight goals are objectives other than weight loss, that you are hoping to achieve as a result of losing weight. We call these “Redefining” goals. Addressing these goals will result in greater satisfaction with any weight loss achieved which will lead to better long term maintenance. These goals can be tackled independently of weight loss and are more important than weight loss from a psychological perspective.

General solutions to Redefining Goals

1. Improving Physical Appearance


The goal of improving physical appearance (for ourselves or others) can occur before losing weight, there are many things that can be done to make yourself look more attractive. Just because you may perceive your weight to be high, does not mean you are unattractive and have to appear undesirable.

2. Increase Choice of Clothes


Many people believe that losing weight will enable them to have access to a wider range of clothes and will delay buying new clothes in the hope that they will lose further weight and be able to fit into a smaller clothing size. This may be true and to be able to fit into an item of clothing discarded long ago because it was too tight; is immensely satisfying but as you lose weight, you should still reward yourself with a new item of clothing occasionally so that you can feel physically attractive.

3. To be Fitter

BicyclePeople who are overweight often have difficulty engaging in everyday activities such as playing with their children, walking up hills, climbing stairs, taking up a new sport or doing out door activities. Being more active helps achieve these goals and brings others secondary benefits such as self respect, improved body image and interpersonal benefits from meeting new people. It is said that 1 in 5 Australians do not find the time to exercise. However, writing exercise in your diary like an appointment ensures it gets done or not pushed to the last minute when everything else is done first. On busy days 10-15 minutes is all you need especially if it is high intensity interval training, Changing activities to something active, adding standing desks at work and going for a walk in out lunch break ensures we keep moving in our sedentary jobs.

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