Psychological treatments Who am I?

Famous Faces: Psychological treatments and diet gurus: How well do you know them?

So it’s the weekend and it’s usually when we have more time for exercise, eating, cooking, relaxation and hopefully some mindfulness. Let’s have a bit of fun and see how well we know the people who have shaped psychiatry and psychological treatments for weight loss. Test yourself and see how good your knowledge is for the gurus of the mind and diet.

Who are these people? Lets start with an easy one? Who is this famous face?

Sigmund Freud
Who Am I?


This is of course the father of psychoanalysisSigmund Freud. A renowed psychologist, physiologist and great thinker of the 20th century who formulated several theories in his lifetime including the concepts of infantile sexuality, repression and the unconscious mind. His is probably our most famous and recognisable face for psychological treatments. He is whom the term “Freudian Slip” is named after.


Who is this famous diet guru?

Who am I?

This is America’s most well known diet trend setter Robert Atkins. He is an American Physician and cardiologist who is best known for the Atkins Nutritional Approach. It is said that 1 in 10 Americans have been on the Atkins diet which supports low carbohydrates, high protein and advocates eating  high saturated fats. Fitness and diet experts have continued to criticise his style of eating but he has often been listed as one of the most influential people in the health world including a top 10 listing in Time Magazine.

Can you name this person?

Beck Cognitive behavioral Therapy
Who Am I?


This is no other than Aaron Beck, an American Psychiatrist from the 1960s. He developed the theories for Cognitive Therapy which is the basis of the Redefine CBT Weight Loss program found at Medical & Mind Weight Loss.  His theories state that thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all connected.  Beck has been very influential in the area of eating disorders, binge eating and weight loss. This style of psychological treatments have formed the basis of many effective treatment programs for all areas of mental health and chaotic eating disorders. You can watch a video by our Medical & Mind Weight Loss Psychiatrist, Dr Terence Chong, discuss how CBT is used for weight loss.

A final test and a goodie. Who is the person who has invented modern day psychological treatments?

Who Am I?

For all you smarties who got this right, this is John Kabot-Zinn, an American professor of Medicine at University of Massachusetts Medical School and the creator of the Centre for Mindfulness in medicine. He is arguably the most influential, modern day creator of psychological treatments in this century. His theories of mindfulness have helped people cope with stress, anxiety, pain, illness and weight loss by encouraging you to focus on the present rather than being in “automatic pilot”. This is particularly important as we are live in a world of iphones, ipads and social media where we are not focussing on the “now”.

How did you do? Were you a guru in identifying the famous faces of psychological treatments and diet gurus? Does anyone have any other famous faces they would like to add to the list?


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