Redefine metabolic weight loss

New 6 week diet and exercise program: Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program

The Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program is a 6 week step by step diet and exercise program combining evidence based weight loss eating and physical activity into a daily weight loss plan. Created by doctors, psychiatrists and physiotherapists the easy to follow program includes daily dietary and exercise plans with up-to-date medical information, recipes, videos and exercise regimes.

Based on the evidence based principles of the Mediterranean and DASH diets, high intensity interval traning guided by our physiotherapist and mindfulness by our psychiatrust, this program helps you build an essential foundation for weight loss and health eating.


What you will learn in this program.

  • 01 Metabolic Style of Eating.
  • 02 How to Stretch & Improve Cardiovascular Exercise.
  • 03 What to Eat, Metabolism & Busting Myths.
  • 04 Essential Strengthening & Exercising for Weight Loss.
  • 05 Mindfulness & Visualisation.
  • 06 Preventing Weight Regain & Going Forward.


There is a complete day by day diet and exercise program for you to follow. Included are recommended recipes and fitness workouts which have been created for you.

7 Day Diet and Exercise Plan


Specifically tailored for Nutrition & Weight Loss. An example recipe


Exercise plans and videos for all fitness levels from beginners through to advanced

Exercise videos from our Physiotherapist, Erica Pong


This program contains multiple video lessons from our experts in all area: medicine, psychiatry, exercise and weight loss.

Our Psychiatrist, Dr Terence Chong
Mindfulness from our Psychiatrist, Dr Terence Chong
Metabolic videos from our Weight Loss Doctor, Dr Marlene Tham









The Redefine program works on all modern Internet browsers – desktop & mobile. Stop thinking about doing it…..let us guide you step by step.

Come and start this 6 week journey today by taking the Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program






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