Lesson 3.4: Redefine™ Further and This Week’s Focus



This module is an introduction to increasing activity and exercise for weight loss and to give you ideas on how to get started or to incorporate it into your day.  As this program is a CBT based program, its aims are to address the cognitive errors and resistance we have to exercise rather than provide a physical plan. If you wanted a more in depth exercise regime that is a step by step program that builds you from beginner to advanced weight loss techniques, you may want to do the the Redefine™ Metabolic Program found on the website.


This week’s focus:

  1. Watch Video on “Fit in 6 Minutes” from ABC’s Catalyst. 
  2. Focus on adding one additional incidental exercise /activity each day.
  3. Instead of having of involving food as a social outing with a friend, do something active instead.

Build on last 2 modules:

  1. Continue to really focus on portion size and wait at least 10 minutes before you get yourself seconds.
  2. Increase your water intake, and work on completely eliminating juice, soft drinks and flavoured milk from your diet.


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