Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program


Since I started with the Redefine Metabolic Weight Loss Program, I have found making permanent lifestyle changes easier than any other program that I have tried. This is largely due to the easy to follow, easy to prepare and graded approach this program brings. It has given me a new love of exercise as it pushes me to do things I hadn’t thought I could.
- DY
Male Marketing Manager, 59

Since starting on the Redefine Metabolic Weight Loss Program, I have started to understand the impact that both diet and exercise have on my body. I’m also learning how much exercise is required to balance out what I eat and drink and improve other elements of my health. It is effective, proven and medically based.

While I still have a lot of work ahead of me, for the first time I am becoming confident that I have actually learnt how to manage my weight for the long term, and that more importantly I am actively working towards a much healthier future.

- SK
Female Nursing Student, 19
I am so excited to say that for the very first time in my life I feel I am actually going to win the battle with my weight! I have completed the redefine metabolic programme, and my outlook on exercise, eating and a healthy lifestyle has changed so dramatically. Such a simple, cost-effective, wonderful approach to weight.

What separates this weight loss program from the others that I’ve tried is that you know that it has been written by a team of medical experts who used proven methods. The information, psychological and exercise videos are easy to follow and help take you to the next level. I have found it invaluable knowing they are specialists in their field. It feels like I am almost in the same room as them.

- WD
Female Recruitment Company CEO, 65
I am no longer an alcoholic or fat lover. I am no longer on medication for cholesterol or blood pressure. This online program has not only reduced my medical bills but has saved my life.[/dt_sc_testimonia

- BW
Female Team Leader, 42

You don’t know the countless diets, programs and money I have spent on losing weight. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Although it has not been easy to change my habits, but by following the easy step by step diet and exercise program, this is the best support, advice and knowledge that I have ever had. I don’t feel like throwing in the towel which I would have done months ago. I feel great.

- RE
Male Stock Broker, 42

I have found the Redefine Metabolic Weight Loss Program, the most amazing online program I have ever done. I am so time poor and my family have always taken up all my time. But through the Redefine programme I have learned to manage by exercise and food in a step-by-step, easy to follow manner then can be done in the comfort of my home with the kids running around me

- PE
Female Single Parent, 32
For the first time in my life, I now exercise to release some stress and no longer use food to manage my moods. If my friends hear me saying that, that will not believe it. This simple approach has given me a new lease of life. I love clothes shopping. I no longer hide in photos and I am back on the dating scene with a new confidence.
- YC
Female Occupational Therapist, 28
Thank you to the Redefine Weight Loss Program. It has helped me reach my weight goals and keeps me focused. It really helps!
- MB
Male Electrician, 25

This programme just works. I can now fit into a size 8 which I have not done since my high school days and my health, diabetes, high blood pressure have never been this well controlled before.

- CL
Female Bank HR Officer, 35
The Redefine Weight loss Program is an educational tool that has taught me how to eat for health and exercise for fitness. The program is focused on the way I chose to live, I am losing weight by my own choices in my own time and in the comfort of my living room.
- DH
Male Fire Fighter, 37

This is the first time something online actually works. Having a medical exercise and diet to follow on a daily basis is so easy to follow. I am in my mid 50s and my body has never felt better.

- JR
Female TV Producer, 56


Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program