Lesson 7.5: Redefine™ further and homework

If you are not very good at relaxing and “de-stressing”,  and found the strategies that Dr Terence Chong  used in his video useful, you may find the Redefine™  Intune Weight Management Program on this website to be helpful in learning about mindfulness and relaxation. Mindfulness is another effective strategy that can help with weight loss and would help you refine your skills learned in this CBT program. It is strategy that takes simple relaxation techniques to a new level and is about dealing with the “here and now”. The Redefine™  Intune Weight Management Program is part 2 of psychological strategies to lose weight and utilises mindfulness techniques.


This week’s focus:

  1. Practice relaxation every night before bed this week
  2. Focus on some resistance exercises this week. Pick your favourite TV show and do sit ups, push ups and tricep dips during all the ad breaks. Feel the tension in your muscles as you do these exercises.
  3. Think about which emotion affects you the most and look out for it. Make a list of all the times you felt that emotion and how many times it lead to overeating.


Build on previous modules tasks:

4. Remember to spend some quality time at the table, eating with your family or friend and not being distracted by social media, television or radio.

5. Give yourself your most favourite non-food treat this week after you successfully incorporate some extra incidental exercise into your day for several days in a row.



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