Lesson 6.1: Module 5 Review

Module 5 review.
This was a very complex module that aimed to help you understand the very intricate hormonal changes that occur after you lose weight. We know that when you lose weight, a combination of hormones increase appetite, reduce satiety and energy expenditure and drive you back to your set point. Set point is the weight your body is most comfortable with and is the highest you have been for a prolonged amount of time in your adult life. We also know that when you lose weight your body becomes more efficient and the excess energy gets stored as fat just like a car that has been serviced. Sex hormones and the various stages of life also influence fat deposition and weight. By using a combination of an evidence based weight loss specific eating plan and the right type of exercises we are best equipped to keep the weight off and hold it at the new weight for at least 1-2 years to change the set point.

There should be fewer negatives associated with “losing weight” than with gaining “health and fitness”. If you have negative thoughts about losing weight, these thoughts are holding you back and you need to re-program yourself. We all “talk” mentally to ourselves. This “self-talk” is usually automatic, meaning it just pops into our heads. At first this self-talk is hard to identify because it is like a “bad habit” but with practice you can change the way, self-talk affects you.

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