Lesson 5.5: Redefine™ Further and This Week’s Focus

Speak to your doctor or if the location is accessible to you, make an appointment to see Dr Marlene Tham, if you want to discuss some of the medications  and strategies that can help fight these hormones. The Redefine™  Metabolic Eating Program is a program that aims to combine correct eating changes and choices with manipulation of your metabolism with the aim of fighting these hormones. If you feel you want to learn more about this, have a look at that program on this website. If you are interested in reading about the research behind this, the references have been listed at the end of this chapter.


This week’s Focus:

  1. If you are not already doing it, try to reduce your alcohol to only on the weekend and a maximum of 2 standard drinks
  2. Make a real effort to take the stairs this week at every opportunity
  3. Think about all your negative thoughts relating to losing weight that you have during the week
  4. Make a chart of all the times you feel hungry during the week when it is not meal time and acknowledge that it is your hormones adapting to your weight loss