Lesson 2.1: Refining your Eating and Cardiovascular Exercise

Module 2 Objectives
  1. Diet: Understanding the Low HI Diet
  2. Four Non-Negotiable Weight Loss Strategies
  3. Exercise: Cardiovascular exercise
  4. Psychology: exercise and mental health

Food Fads

uber eats

Our world has become fast paced in every way. We have greater demands from work, family, friends and on social media. The last decade has become the digital age where we can order things or do things instantaneously. Unfortunately, this is not entirely for the betterment of our health. The pressures of modern living has lead to the rise of convenience foods which now make up a large component of our weekly diet. Not only are we depending more and more on pre-prepared or “fast food”, but we are seeing the emergence of foods claiming to be superior in nutritional value or better for our health. These are often labelled, ”low-fat”, “low-cholesterol’, “lite”, “organic”, or “non-genetically modified”. The list goes on. Unfortunately, some of these claims are false and do not provide any more nutritional or weight loss benefits than other foods available on the market. To keep things simple the best “diet” you can be on, is the low “HI” diet.

Low HI Diet

Low Human Interference Diet:Food that has been unmodified or changed in any way and still in its natural form.

The Redefine Metabolic Weight Loss program aims to use the principals of the Low HI diet which are the foundations of the Mediterranean Diet and the Dash Diet.

The Principles of the  Low HI diet.

Our body will cherish the quality food we feed it. By eating unrefined, unprocessed foods that have not been modified in any way, we are fuelling it with natural, wholesome, nutrient and vitamin dense ingredients.  Eating fresh fruit and vegetables and quality, proteins are the basic building blocks of a low HI diet. Our eating and exercise plans for this program follow these important principles. As I said in module 1, treat your body like a business. Surround it with good quality people (fuel), spend time working on it, only give it the best resources and it will give back to you many times over. Cherish and treat it with respect and it will continue to grow into a profitable business, one that is successful, fruitful and robust.

We often teach people how to read food labels but the argument is that if something requires a a food label , should we be eating it at all?
We often teach people how to read food labels but the argument is that if something requires a a food label , should we be eating it at all?




Those of you who have done the Redefine CBT Weight Loss Program, will know that alcohol is something which has almost as much sugar as a vanilla slice. Visualise yourself pouring vanilla slice after vanilla slice down your throat. Drinking will never be the same for you again. If a friend came up to you and said, ” I can’t lose weight, and I eat 10-15 vanilla slices a week”, what would you say to them? I’m sure as a good friend you would advise them to cut down their vanilla slice consumption. This is the same as alcohol. You need to cut it down.

If you had to drink, try to avoid champagne and beer. They are a huge dumping of sugar. Go for a spirit mixed with a soda or a red wine. Also watch your intake during celebrations as one drink can lead to many. Even if its just one night, it all adds up.



The food we eat often has an overabundance of sugar. It is often in places we least expect. In the last module, we discussed the link between high sugars and developing type 2 diabetes. Foods we commonly see on our shelves like bread contain added sugar. Low fat foods such as ice cream and yogurt often contain sugar in place of fat to improve the taste. This often makes it worse for our bodies from a health and weight loss  than the full fat version.

Four Non-Negotiable Weight Loss Strategies

I believe some flexibility is important with maintaining a healthy lifestyle whether you are trying to lose weight or not. But these are 5 components which I think are non-negotiable. You may not be able to do it straight away, but work towards achieving them. And when things are not going well, check that you doing your food prep, sleeping well, planning ahead and changing your exercise as these are all essential.

1. Food preparation:

There is no take away place or restaurant that is going to feed you the right food with all the Low HI constituents. You must do the majority of your food preparation. This way you will know exactly what is in your meals and the perfect ratio of the right ingredients. Try and do one big shop. Have five spare meals in your freezer. Have a back up plan. In this program, ensure you spend 1-2 hours on the weekend, having a look at the recipes and ingredients, so you can ensure they are available when the time comes to cook.

2. Sleep:

Sleep is imperative to health and weight loss success. That is why shift workers find it so hard to lose weight. If you are exercising well and eating the right foods but burning the candle at both ends, you are letting your self down. Put down your phone. Turn off the computer. Give your mind and body a break. We produce Human Growth Hormone when we sleep which is why it is so essential for children and babies, but also for us. This hormone helps us to drop fat and increase lean muscle. Try and aim for 8 hours and do not let yourself fall under 6 hours as your body will not be getting the required rest it needs to be successful.

3. Make plans and goals:

As mentioned in module 1, the most successful people have a plan. They know where they are going and have an end point in mind. Not only do we need long term goals, we must also have short term goals and plans. Lock in PT session. Engage in group exercise. Find an exercise buddy. Be accountable. Put a time table on your fridge, Print out the Redefine Meal plans. No matter how unmotivated and tired you are, you must stick to your plan. And if you fall off, get back on again and don’t look back.

4. Train the same, stay the same.

You must challenge your fitness and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Ramp up exercise or change if you have been doing the same things some time. If you have been walking up a hill in 15 minutes. Go for longer or do it faster. If you have been 15 laps of the pool, aim for 20 in the same time. Push your limits. No one said it was easy. We will teach you how to build your intensity slowly. There is no doubt that High Intensity Interval Training has enormous benefits and has been proven to be one of the most effective type of exercise for weight loss. We will teach you this in the next few modules.

Cardiovascular Exercise (Aerobic Exercise)

Long sessions of cardiovascular exercise of 45-60 mins was the gold standard for the “Life Be In It” campaigns of the 1980s. Research has shown us that a quality 30 min exercise produces both cardiovascular benefits as well as fitness. Aerobic exercise makes your heart and lungs work harder, boosting fitness, energy levels, concentration and mental health. We now know that cardiovascular exercise reduces the risk of dementia and burns fat. It is the basis of every exercise program. It is important we build this alongside resistance training (next module) before we tackle the important high intensity interval training (module 4).

There is no doubt that exercise burn calories. But muscles also require energy for maintenance and movement. Muscles even burns energy when you are asleep in bed at night. As muscle mass increases, your body makes greater amounts of enzymes that burn fat.

Exercise and Mental Health

The enormous benefits to your physical health from exercise are unquestionable. Many studies show that that people who exercise regularly have fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is because exercise increases the level of serotonin and endorphins in our brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and endorphins gives us that “high”, which works like a natural mood elevator. If I could bottle exercise and give one to everyone, I would. Not only does exercise improve physical fitness but mental fitness as well.

Please look at lesson 2.2 for your 7 day weekly eating and exercise plan.



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