Course Category: Weightloss

  • Redefine™ CBT Weight Loss Program

    41 Lessonsin

    The Redefine™ cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) Weight Loss Program is an introductory program (part 1) focusing on the psychological aspects of overeating and losing weight. It addresses chaotic and emotional eating, dysfunctional thinking and aims to provide the building blocks of understanding thoughts and actions related to losing weight and how to keep it off successfully. Using Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), the program contains videos, case studies, quizzes and diagrams to provide solution based and practical strategies to improve both psychological and physical health. This program is an essential foundation to a successful weight loss journey. 6 month unlimited access for $99.95.

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  • Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program

    12 Lessonsin

    The Redefine™ Metabolic Weight Loss Program is a 6 week step by step diet and exercise program combining evidence based weight loss eating and physical activity into a daily weight loss plan. Created by doctors, psychiatrists and physiotherapists the easy to follow program includes daily dietary and exercise plans with up-to-date medical information, recipes, videos and exercise regimes. 6 month unlimited access for $49.95.

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